Benedictine monastery – Admont

A symbiosis of faith, culture and nature…

The hotel right next to the world-famous Admont Abbey with its world’s largest abbey library, we are a perfect, centrally located starting point for your eventful holiday!


Wild water – steep rock = Gesäuse National Park

Along the untamed waters of the Enns are some of the last breeding grounds for common sandpipers. The wild forests are left to their own devices and endemic rarities such as the dainty feather pink grow on the terrifying rock giants.


In the Gesäuse National Park, the resources are not used, nature is left to its own devices. Therefore, a special variety of species survives here, which develops freely. Such landscapes have become rare and therefore particularly valuable.

Welcome to the only national park in Styria!


Kaiserau: discover, experience, enjoy</ h2>
The small but fine ski area on the magnificent high plateau of the Kaiserau is – with its three lifts and the magic carpets in the Raiffeisen Kinderland

The ski area in the region and a member of the Schneebärenland association

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A delightful area with great facilities for all the family!